Company Profile

ARENA SECURITIES LTD has been registered as a corporate house for operation in the capital market of the country. The company offers full-fledged brokerage services to international institutions, domestic institutions and retail clients under the purview of the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) of Bangladesh.

ARENA SECURITIES LTD is an associate of Aman Group. Aman Group believes that evolution, modernization, continuous learning and anticipation to the new changes are necessary for development, growth and maintaining the pioneering position on the local and foreign levels. The Group believes in sound planning, close analysis, study of opportunities and that the successful performance is a result of a clear vision, effective management and competent individuals.

In all its activities, the Group pays a great attention to the social development and the effective participation in the economic growth & development. The Group preserves its referential identity and the respect of human rights in general and the worker and customer rights in particular
Backed by sponsors highly experienced in the same field, the company is managed professionally by a team of professionals and equipped to provide highly cared service enabling the customers with tools to send unlimited amount of information to any one, anytime, anywhere.

The Company has been incorporated as a Private Limited Company on 06th November, 2004 with an authorized capital of Tk. 10 million. It has formally commenced its operation on 06th November, 2004 having membership of Dhaka Stock Exchange Limited vide no. 25. .