ARENA SECURITIES LTD, a Private Limited Company, a Member of Dhaka Stock Exchange Ltd (TREC : 25), Stock Broker and Stock Dealer under Bangladesh Securities and Exchange commission (Registration No: 3.1/DSE-25/2005/84) and Depository Participant, Central Depository Bangladesh Ltd (RegistrationNo: SEC/Regd/CDBL-DP-152).

ARENA SECURITIES LTD has been registered as a corporate member house in early 2005 for operation in the capital market of the country. The company offers full-fledged brokerage services to international institutions, domestic institutions and individual investors under the purview of the ordinance, rules and guidelines of Bangladesh Securities & Exchange Commission (BSEC) of Bangladesh.

The Company is committed to provide international standard services with all possible flexibilities for investment solutions related to Bangladesh Capital Market.

The sponsors of the company have long experience in handling capital market activities and in analyzing the tools and techniques of capital market towards making sound investment decisions. The Company is managed by a team of highly clabbered and well mannered professionals who are ready to address the needs and requirements of the clients and customers, exercise their best analytical skill and judgment to provide rewarding help and whatever guidance, assistance and information the clients ask for, they happily provide those whenever the clients need.

With the patronage of and by offering satisfactory services to its clients, customers and well-wishers, ARENA SECURITIES LTD has been able to achieve steady progress since its commencement of business. The Company has already opened more branches at important spots in Bangladesh. More branches are in the offing to reach its services to the doorsteps of the clients. The Company would like to assure quality services to all for whom it operates. It has sincere determination to always live up to the expectation of its clients.

The capital markets in Bangladesh have undergone many changes over the last couple of years. The undaunted tasks performed by regulatory bodies have made the operators in capital market more accountable and transparent. With constant guidance, supervision and monitoring of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Stock Exchanges, the companies are now more regular in making various corporate disclosures in time as well as in recommending fair rate of return for their shareholders. The active cooperation from and timely intervention of the capital market watchers have made it possible for enlistment of more companies in Stock Exchanges and the market capitalization have expanded to a great extent. The trading on Stock Exchanges have reached to a new height and the Government is now considering to off load the shares of many state-owned companies which will undoubtedly create a new pace.

Protection and enhancement of the interest of clients remain our prime goal. Service is our motto. Clients are our valuable assets and returns of their happy face or call from their assured tones are what we always strive for.

Our humble suggestion to our valued clients: Please do not rush on rumors, exercise your own judgment and if necessary, take to your investment brokerage house about where and when to invest. Always make your investment in companies having strong fundamentals and good track records, because we will grow, when you will grow. We sincerely welcome all of you to receive unparallel service from us.